Camping Gas Stoves

Camping gas stoves are available for a variety of uses in many different scenarios. There are many types of camping gas stoves depending on where and how the consumer desires their use. These portable gas stoves are available in many sizes as well. Knowing the types and various uses of the portable gas stove will greatly help in deciding which type to buy.

Many families like to camp during vacation time. One of the great advantages of camping is the availability of a camping gas stove.

Camping Gas Stoves2 burner portable gas stove with fold out legs can be set on top of a picnic table. With this handy stove you can have early breakfast cooking way before any charcoal grill would be sufficiently heated.

Most 2 burner camping gas stoves are equipped with a back and side aluminum wind guard to help keep the fire from being blown out. For even more cook space there is the three burner portable gas stove. Both of these stoves use one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder. For a great versatile portable gas stove there is even an all in one that includes a stove, grill grate, griddle, stockpot and an easy carrying case.

With this you can sizzle bacon, cook eggs, make pancakes or simmer a pot of stew for a hungry crowd. This model at is simply sits on top of a picnic table or even the tailgate of your pickup truck and operates with one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder.

Portability is a breeze because each part of this fantastic cook stove stacks inside each other and is enclosed in an easy to carry case. All three of these camping gas stoves are easy to use and easy to clean. Each has its own carry case for easy transport. The propane bottles simply screw on and the stoves even have easy ignition.

For backpacking there is the easy Fold N Go stove which operates on one small propane cylinder. It’s very portable because it folds easily and packs easily. Unfortunately, this stove has no wind guard so trying to keep it lit is almost next to impossible. Just the slightest wind and your flame is gone. So you are constantly trying to block the wind just to get anything cooked. It’s great for a camp comedy effect as you watch the person circle the stove trying to be a wind block.

For cooking purposes, its ok provided you use in an area that is not exposed to the wind. Flames could keep burning out, plus cooking may take longer due to less heat reaching the food. The Fold N Go Gas Grill however, is not so susceptible to this problem as the flame is less exposed.

There is even a small backpack camp stove that is a one burner and uses one small cylinder of propane. This can be set up anywhere; on the ground, on top of a good flat rock or a camp table. Great for one maybe two person back pack trip. Small enough to fit easily into a back pack and light enough not to be a problem carrying.

A safety issue to remember is never leave the Propane cylinders in a hot car or trunk, and never leave for any length of time in direct sunlight. Doing so could result in the cylinder exploding causing serious harm to you or others. The portable propane stoves are a necessity in Hurricane zone climates where gas or electric may be down due to extreme weather. Never use these indoors in unventilated areas. Propane tends to suck oxygen out of rooms quickly and could be dangerous if used in closed areas.check this out!

Camping Gas Stoves

Never leave the burners going when the stove is not supervised. Never ever use this stove near BBQ grills or any heat or open flame.
Safety is the most important factor to remember in using these portable propane stoves. Their portability and ease of use are great for camping and tailgate parties, but they are typically only as safe as the user. A little common sense goes a long way. When storing your camping gas stove at home, never store the stove with the propane bottle still attached to the stove. Make sure the propane cylinder is stored in a cool not cold dry area. Do not store them in an excessively hot area. Never store these near an appliance or any spark inducing equipment. Take precaution they are stored away from any equipment that could cause the cylinder to be punctured.

Portable stove

By understanding the proper use and storage of camping gas stoves you will have many years of fun camping cookouts to enjoy. The gas stove will easily provide delicious meals for you and your family on many happy outings. There is nothing like eggs and bacon and that first cup of coffee in the early dawn and fresh air. Even the food tastes better and the coffee is divine to enjoy to the chorus of chirping birds. You and your friends and family will appreciate the versatile camping gas stove at every get together for many years to come.

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