Gas Prices

Gas prices have flucated throughout the years, with a variety of factors causing it. Oil production, supplies, political events, social problems, and environmental factors are only but a few of the factors that can play into the price of a barrel of gasoline.

1978 Gas Prices

Many charts, graphs, and figures for gas prices begin with 1978, as it was a year that began a sharp rise in fuel prices across the country. Coincidently, the high cost of gas in 1980 is a little below where we are today.

1995 Gas Prices

1995 is listed as a low point for gas prices around the world. For the most part, this is due to the price of crude oil, which can very depending upon political atmosphere, weather around refinaries, and more.

2000 Gas Prices

The year 2000 is not really that important in the grand scheme of gas prices. Although fuel prices began to increase from 2000 and onward, there is nothing that would say that the year 2000 is the cause for higher gas can read more information by visiting

2004 Gas Prices

In 2004 gas prices were continuing to rise, with prices hitting around $2.20 average per gallon. Much of this had to do with continued political turmoil and an increase in adverse weather conditions.

Average Gas Prices

The average of gas prices can vary depending on where you are in the country, the current political climate, and even weather phenoma currently occuring. Driving in California after hurricane Katrina in an SUV was probably the worst time in recent history to have a driver’s license.

Best Gas Prices

Some of the best gas prices in the country will be found in the midwest and southern states closer to the Gulf. This is largely because about half of the nation’s oil comes from there, which is why adverse tropical weather conditions can affect gas prices so much.

Car Gas Prices

Gas prices for cars are suprisingly similar to gasoline prices for other devices. For each gallon of gas, about 53% is going to the price of crude oil, with the rest of the price making up for refining, marketing, distributing, and tax (which is surprisingly small).

Cheapest Gas Prices

Finding the cheapest gas prices is a big concern for many Americans who don’t want to pay as much money at the pump. In all honesty though, you will save more money per year by keeping the tires inflated, the air filter changed, and the car properly maintained.check their latest post.

Current Gas Prices

Gas prices, as of current, are very seasonal and vary depending upon political and weather issues. Generally, immediately before summer gas prices will begin to rise since more people are driving. Winter prices are lower due to less driving.

Diesel Gas Prices

Diesel vehicles are quickly becoming more popular as their engine efficiency begins to rise, which brings attention to their gas prices. Although diesel fuel is more expensive, and biodiesel is even more expensive, it will still save consumers money in the long run through the vehicles efficiency.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy is very complicated, but it websites like this one and others explain it relatively well. Generally, the cost of fuel is based off the price of a barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil.

Gas Mileage

There are a number of useful tips to keep the gas mileage on a car high, some of which are surprisingly easy to do. Drivers who pay attention to speed limits, who don’t drive aggressively, keep their tires aired, and replace their air filters can save as much as 50 cents a gallon or more.

Gas Price Graphs

There are a variety of gas price graphs out on the web, with many more complicated than they really should be. A simple chart showing fuel price averages in a 15 year timespan on may have hundreds, if not thousands, of data points on it for a variety of fuel types.

Historic Gas Prices

Gas prices have been involved with every major historic event of the past 70 years. Of recent history is 9/11, where many people can remember the huge jump in gas prices as many a terrible gas station owner attempted to capitalise on the tragedy.

Local Gas Prices

On a local level, gas prices will vary around 8-10 cents per gallon. This is really not a large enough difference to drive the extra mile for. A person could save more money by keeping their tires inflated and changing their air filter.

rising gas prices

Lowest Gas Prices

Finding the lowest gas prices in an area is important to many Americans, although gas prices within a city usually will only vary about 10 cents. Throughout the United States, those closer to the Gulf will, where 50% of our nation’s oil comes from, will experience cheaper gasoline.

Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas prices, like crude oil, slowly rise over a period of time; however, there are sharp increases for certain years based off a variety of causes. Natural gas is another nonrenewable resource, although it burns more efficiently and cleaner than gasoline.

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